Posted on Mon 23 Aug, 2021

The iOS 14 Update (2021) and Its Impact on Facebook Advertising

In case you didn't know, Apple changed its iOS 14 data tracking permissions in January of 2021 and has progressively updated it since then. Obviously, this has had a huge impact on Facebook conversion tracking.


It’s still unclear how this will affect marketing and advertising in the long run, but there is still a lot of buzz swirling around this and it deserves attention right now. In order to fully comprehend this update, we need to get into the details, showing how Facebook dynamic ads may be affected and what we can do about it.


What is the Facebook iOS 14 update?

First, it’s important to understand what exactly Apple changed that it even has Facebook concerned about. The focus of this update revolves around privacy and data usage.


Here’s how it works: iOS 14 sends a notification asking users if they want apps (like Facebook or Instagram) to be able to track their online activities.


There has been a lot of confusion following this update, to say the least. Although Facebook is still coming up with ideas to make this new update work for everyone, there are still a lot of unanswered questions.


Facebook typically gives you the option of opting out of data sharing, giving you the chance to be alerted when your data is collected. To do this, however, requires you to visit the privacy settings, and enable/disable the feature there.


With this new update, Apple will alert Facebook about the tracking of users' data and allow them to opt-in or out explicitly on their behalf.


How will it affect Facebook ads?

iOS14 will require users to explicitly consent to tracking, both within Facebook and across apps and websites on which Facebook may serve ads. 


As a result of Apple’s iOS 14 update, we will be seeing a reduction in custom audience sizes as some users will opt-out of being tracked. Audiences that may be affected include users who visited a product page without making a purchase, users imported via CRM lists, etc.


Importance of Ads Creative

Due to the iOS 14 update, marketers are forced to target fewer users and have a smaller attribution window (from 28 days to 7 days) for running ads. That means, we need to come up with better creatives to increase the conversion rate.

Based on the data from Nielsen, the creative is responsible for the largest contribution (47%) to sales in terms of ads. 


Yet, even though both data and common sense show that ads creative is a critical part of a successful campaign, many people still dismiss its importance. 


Over the last decade, focus on data has dominated the advertising world, resulting in a decline in creative focus. As a result, creativity, which is supposed to be central to Facebook Ad creation, merely becomes a supporting factor in ad creation. 


When in reality, there is an important relationship between data and creative — called content data. By using content data, you can deliver targeted marketing and bring creativity back into your Facebook Ads.


Here’s a 3-step plan on how to create great ads creative.


  1. Create a customer persona







Women buying for themselves

Want to look stylish

Want to look good and feel good

New arrivals collection

Buy 3 get 4

Treat yourself with a little luxury

Find your new favourite jewelry

Add some sparkle to your routine

Shower proof jewelery


  1. Uncover motivators by identifying customer pain point




All possible reasons that will prevent someone to buy your products

All possible reasons that will encourage someone to buy your products


  1. Create ads creative with relevant hooks and benefit for the target audience


Scripting and briefing

  • Hooks

  • Benefit

  • CTAs

Example Hooks

  • [BENEFIT] has never been easier

  • Get [BENEFIT] in 3 steps

  • The most perfect [PRODUCT]

  • The world’s [ADJECTIVE] [PRODUCT]


We understand how confusing and hard it might be for businesses to navigate the changes caused by this iOS 14 update. 


Which is why Idealights would like to offer our services. Our social media specialists and performance marketers are well-versed in creating powerful call-to-actions and well-targeted Facebook campaigns that convert — even with the changes from iOS 14. 


So if your business is currently struggling to adapt to the changes, reach out to us and let us help you with that!


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