Posted on Thu 09 Sep, 2021

The Social Media Universe Tour of 2021

Today, we will take you on an interplanetary journey. 


With more than 4.48 billion inhabitants in total (users), the social media universe is a vast collection of different planets with varying characteristics and growth. Let’s get to know each and every one of them!


  1. Planet WhatsApp

Monthly Active Users (MAUs):


This green planet is a part of the Zuckerberg Cluster and the exclusive billion-MAUs club. Adopted by Planet Facebook (the first of the Zuckerberg Cluster) for $19 billion, Planet WhatsApp is a behemoth with more than 65 billion messages sent every day through their messaging platform (45 million messages per minute!). The people of Planet Whatsapp are known to be very talkative, always on the lookout for “news” to share in their groups (often turns out to be fake news, a common problem on this planet).


  1. Planet Instagram

Monthly Active Users (MAUs):


Another member of the Zuckerberg Cluster and the billion-MAUs club, Planet Instagram is highly competitive —- always checking out what Planet Snapchat and Planet TikTok are up to. When they’re not looking, Planet Instagram will try out similar features (Instagram Stories and Reels) to prove that they can do it better. The people of Planet Instagram are led by a group of people called the “Instagram Influencers”, who are mainly in charge of driving public opinion and boosting their economy. Everyone living here is obsessed with taking selfies to get likes and comments — which is crucial for their social status (basically their main sustenance). 


  1. Planet Facebook

Monthly Active Users (MAUs): 2.890.000.000


As the main leader and the oldest planet of the Zuckerberg Cluster, the big blue is currently aiming to reach the 3 billion MAU mark — a breakthrough that has never been achieved by other planets in the Social Media System before. Planet Facebook is known for its tendency to tell long stories about its life experiences and force people to check out its photo album (but never the tagged photos). 


  1. Planet Twitter

Monthly Active Users (MAUs): 206.000.000


Known for being the gossips of the whole planetary system, Planet Twitter is always up-to-date with everything going on in the world. The people of Planet Twitter are known to be very talkative and nosey, they are always sniffing out for hot gossip or “news” to share in the form of “Tweets” (short messages below 280 characters, used to be 140 characters but it’s just not enough for them). Unfortunately, they are often too excited to share and forgot to fact-check their message, so the authorities have to create a fact-checking label for their tweets to combat the plague of misinformation (yep, they share the same problem with Whatsapp, and also Facebook actually). 


  1. Planet LinkedIn

Monthly Active Users (MAUs): 303.000.000


Unlike most planets in the Social Media System, Planet LinkedIn is known to be the ambitious high-achiever of the bunch. The main goal of the people of Planet LinkedIn is to expand their network and connect with high-profile individuals. The people of Planet LinkedIn are known for their tendency to show off their achievements and their habit of wearing formal clothes. You will not see any dancing videos or fun vacation selfies here. But you will definitely find tons of educational articles, whitepapers, and inspiring videos — waiting to be reshared to your network. 


  1. Planet YouTube

Monthly Active Users (MAUs):


The red planet of YouTube is universally known for its vast collection of entertaining videos. In fact, it is the second most popular and one of the most dangerous planets in the Social Media System. This planet is led by a group of people referred to as “YouTubers”. Their main job is to constantly create interesting videos for the rest of the population, whether it is gaming, music, beauty, or educational content. Planet YouTube’s algorithm is designed to keep people’s eyes on the screen, binge-watching their vast collection of random videos until they forget the meaning of time. Scary, right? 


  1. Planet Snapchat

Monthly Active Users (MAUs): 397.000.000


This yellow planet is one of the planets that make Instagram feel “threatened”. Unlike Planet Instagram that focuses on polished, pretty pictures, Snapchat encourages its people to share raw unedited photos that will only be available for 24 hours — making everyone felt the need to constantly check their friend’s status. The people on Planet Snapchat are known for constantly using the universe-famous dog face filter and constantly (over)sharing their daily activities. 


  1. Planet TikTok

Monthly Active Users (MAUs): 689.000.000


Considered as the “New planet on the system”, Planet TikTok is actually one of the most dangerous planets aside from YouTube. Similar to the red planet, TikTok mainly focuses on creation videos, but the only difference is the short duration of their videos (initially 15 seconds, now 3 minutes). The TikTokers are known to be quite young and easily bored. In order to keep their people entertained, this planet has perfected the art of the highly addictive “Infinity swiping”, a full-screen view (not allowing you to see the time), and an advanced algorithm that is specifically tailored to your interests. Whether it’s dancing, comedy, or even fun (and sometimes dangerous) challenges, the TikTokers will try them all and go crazy over it. This drives Planet Instagram crazy and is what pushed them to create a similar feature for their people. 


  1. Planet Twitch

Monthly Active Users (MAUs): 140.000.000


This small but mighty purple planet has a very specific taste — gaming. The Streamers of Planet Twitch keeps their people entertained with gaming-related live streams. In which the Streamers will play the game of their choice and provide commentary (and let’s be honest, curse words) while playing. They are also very proud of their national Olympics called esports. Currently, their most famous game is Minecraft and Fortnite — interestingly, the athletes are mostly kids and teenagers. 


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