Posted on Wed 27 Nov, 2019

These Daily Routines to Boost Engagement on Your Instagram

So, you’re on Instagram.

With over 800 million active users, it has become one of the most popular social media platforms. Creators use Instagram for a variety of reasons, but all of us crave the same two things in specific.
Likes and comments.

Likes aren’t just about approving a post, they’re about giving positive feedback and connecting with people you care about, too. Thus, so many people are obsessed with likes and comments.
You might be thinking:

The better your content is, the more likes and comments you get, right?


Here’s what I mean: eye-catching content matters. But after Instagram tweaked it’s algorithm, there’s been a noticeable decline in the organic reach of posts. If you don’t make sure your posts get seen on the feed, creating interesting and useful content is a waste of time and effort.
The advice? Boost engagement on your Instagram!

While there’s no one-size-fits-all method to increase your visibility on Instagram, there are some actionable daily routines that can help you a lot as they provide a sense of structure and pay off over the long haul.

So here’s the list of daily routines that can help you boost engagement on Instagram:

1. Post visual content regularly

Why is Instagram so popular? Because it’s all about visual content!
It’s no surprise that most humans are visually-oriented, and 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual. Images grab attention and cause emotions, so people can spend countless hours scrolling their Instagram feeds.
How can it help you? Posting on Instagram can bring you engagement you need. And the best way to hook your followers is to post visual content regularly.
However, you don’t have to overpost as your followers may think you’re spamming them. Plus, you can’t afford to miss publishing as they may forget about you. Thus, the key to success is to keep a balance. According to Union Metrics, you should post anywhere between1 to 2 times a day.

If you post daily, it’s more likely you will be noticed by your followers. Obviously, you may run out of ideas if you post often, but you can always find 21 Instagram post ideas to help your creative block!

Pro tip: Use apps like Snug or Planoly to preview your Instagram feed.

2. Give ephemeral content a try

Instagrammers crave authenticity, and showing behind-the-scenes moments is a proven way to build trust and loyalty.
If you have never tried posting ephemeral content, it’s high time to think about it.
First of all, the ephemeral content aka Instagram Stories disappear within 24 hours, so Instagrammers watch it more often in order not to miss something important. Plus, using ephemeral content is a way to avoid flooding your main feed and get more views. While your posts may get buried in the feed, Insta stories appear in a row at the top of the feed, so it’s easier to see new uploads.

There are different modes: type, photos & videos, boomerang, superzoom, rewind, hands-free, stop-motion. The best way to boost engagement is to stay creative and make the most out of giving ephemeral content. Every day is a new opportunity to express yourself on Instagram.

Pro tip: Steaming live videos helps to increase the number of people who visit your account as most of your followers get a notification when you go live.

3. Track and analyze your followers

First things first: Do you have a personal or business profile on Instagram?
If you want to grow your engagement on Instagram, it’s recommended you switch to an Instagram business profile as it gives you an opportunity to view more insights and, therefore, allows you get to know your followers better.
When you switch to a business profile though, you might see the organic reach of your posts declining. To tackle this, you’ll have to post more of your content when your followers are online.
Once you get your profile switched to a business account, just tap on the Stats icon to open up a whole new world of insights into your account’s performance.

Pro tip: if you don’t rely on statistics, you can poll your followers with the help of Insta Stories. Just ask them when it’s better to post and get their honest answers!

4. Interact with your followers

You want to boost engagement, but let’s be honest: do you give your followers what they want? They might want some likes and comments from you, too. There’s no one-directional approach to social media if you want to try to make it big on Instagram.
Make sure your followers know you’re listening and that you genuinely care about their comments by interacting with them or even liking their comments. You should be interested in their content as well — like/comment on their posts to draw their attention and gain loyalty.

Have you ever heard about the boomerang effect? Your actions speak for themselves, and when you show followers that you’re truly interested in them, they will be interested in your content.
Don’t be greedy for likes.

Pro tip: Don’t perform more than 350 likes per hour if you don’t want to be blocked. Instagram has its limit to prevent users from spammers and automated mass liking tools.

5. Reach potential audience

Do you want more people to follow your account?
Find your target audience and be interested in their content first!
Moreover, reaching your potential audience organically is a way to grab their attention without investing in advertising. It’s in our nature to pay attention to people who are interested in us, so most Instagrammers check unknown accounts who like and comment on their posts. And it guarantees to let more people understand more about you.

In fact, people devote about 80% of all social media posts to talking about themselves, so people trust other users who listen to them. Thus, being interested in your potential audience’s content is a proven way to get more loyal followers and, therefore, better engagement.

Pro tip: follow your potential subscribers and interact with them from time to time to grab their attention. For example, I have a Google Drive file where I post links to comments I’ve left on potential audience’s profiles in order not to forget them.

6. Maintain Long-Term Connections

If you believe that posting content on your account is enough to boost engagement, I have some bad news for you. You need to build a following and also maintain a long-term connection to ensure that your followers care about your content too.
To build great connection, you need to communicate with your followers, and also like and comment on their posts, tag them in your photos, and watch their stories. But also remember to be relevant in your posts — don’t share spammy content as it hurts trust level.
Once you’ve found an interesting post on Instagram, you can send it via direct message to foster a more authentic relationship.

Pro tip: slide into followers’ DMs and share something unique with them. People always value an individual approach.

7. Keep an Eye on Trends

Having a social media presence isn’t enough to attract new followers. You need to know how to interest them, and keeping an eye on trends is a way to understand what type of content you should post to grab their attention. In fact, social media trends have the highest potential of boosting engagement.
For example, you can reach more potential followers if you add a geotag in stories as your story may appear on the recommended feed. Moreover, you can save the most interesting stories using the stories highlights feature. This will enable your profile visitors to see your top content in a separate section below your bio.

Instagram changes its algorithms often, so you need to track what is trendy daily in order to not miss important updates.

Pro tip: Bookmark and keep an eye on the Business Instagram blog as they share recent updates.

8. Find Inspiration

If you want to publish fresh and compelling content on a regular basis, you need to stay creative. When it comes to creativity, inspiration matters, and finding sources of inspiration is a key to success.
To boost creativity, follow interesting accounts and draw inspiration from them to get insights. For example, you can find gurus in your niche and track their updates to see what they post to get a hint on what you can create to add to your feed.

Pro tip: Turn on notifications if you’ve found someone inspirational and you don’t want to miss his or her posts.


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